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DeafDigest – 14 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 14, 2020

— a twist in hiring the deaf

There have been some hearing parents that own big
businesses, but would not hire their deaf
children. There was an obit  today – but with a twist –
it said that a deaf son that owned a medical practice
hired his deaf mother to be the office manager!
Being the office manager is not always that easy
a task, hence it is a big deal to hire the deaf.


— no interpreter in a court case

What is going to happen if the appointed interpreter
does not show up in a court case involving the deaf?
An upcoming workshop will be discussing this
situation – suggesting that deaf people have
rights, benefits and challenges in case there
are no interpreters. Really? In almost all cases
the judge will postpone the case.


— company co-started by the deaf now listed on the stock market

Do deaf-owned companies get listed on the stock market? Don’t
really know, but a company that was started by two partners,
one deaf and one hearing, has just got listed. The company
is AI-Media, which is one of USA’s largest captioning
providers. The deaf partner is second in command with
the company operations.


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