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DeafDigest – 11 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 11, 2020

— too bright or just ok

The Architect Magazine ran a piece on the
new Mozzeria restaurant. What caught DeafDigest
editor’e eye was the apparent brightness
of the restaurant interior, as designed
by a “Deaf Space” architectural firm.
Too bright or just ok, perfect balance
between brightness and darkness? Do not
know – must go into Mozzeria to find out!
Admittedly DeafDigest editor hates to eat
in a very bright restaurant as much as
he hates to eat in a dark restaurant.


— deaf employee’s home needs

Many people, including the deaf, work at home
because of the pandemic. Do hearing employers
realize these deaf work needs? These needs
are password access, access to on-line work
interpreters, chat box to discuss work matters
with fellow employees, captions when work
videos are shown AND hearing employers
willing to write notes (and post them into
PDF formats)? And most important of all –
during these Zoom office meetings, do deaf
employees have equal voice?


— terps’ oops

Do interpreters make mistakes (oops) while
interpreting? A workshop, taking place in
Texas, focuses on how to quickly fix these
mistakes without the deaf in the audience
realizing these oops! To err is human, happens
to all – no matter the professions they are in.
No one is perfect.


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