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DeafDigest – 08 September 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 8, 2020

— not comfortable with sign language

Ana Rocha, a hearing film director, said in an
interview that she was not comfortable with
sign language. Her film script asked for
a sign-language deaf character. Despite her
discomfort she gave a deaf actress that role.
How many entertainment directors would do
the same thing? Not too many, unfortunately
– but fortunately Rocha did it. Hope other
directors would do the same thing in future roles.


— unable to find employment

A deaf woman said she was turned down 3,000 times
in her search for employment and thinks the reason
is her deafness, that no one wants to hire her.
It is never that easy for a deaf person to find
employment – but there always ways. Examples are
moving from city that is hard to find employment
to another city where finding employment is easier;
networking with family members and friends, always
someone that may know of someone with contacts;
doing some research, finding which employers have
deaf members in their families, meaning they may
be willing to hire deaf people; going to deaf
social service agencies and employment agencies.
No method is perfect but whatever may work would
be great.


— a deaf professional poker player at Las Vegas championships

Richy Mackie, who is deaf, and plays poker
professionally, has been invited to take part at the
Redtooth Poker’s VEGAS100 national final at The Orleans
Hotel and Casino next year. It is not his first trip
to Las Vegas as he competed there professionally three
times in the past. Maybe the fourth time will be the
charm. He is profoundly deaf.


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