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DeafDigest – 24 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 24, 2020

— ex-White House press secretary ignored interpreters

Stephanie Grisham is no longer the White House press secretary,
as she stepped down not too long time ago. It was understood
that when the president gave a speech, it was not
interpreted. When the deaf community protested, she
never responded even though arranging for interpreters
was her responsibility.


— Cued Speech is impossible with face mask

Deaf people that use Cued Speech as their communications
mode found that masks has made this task impossible!
One has to take off the mask to make it possible.


— Baltimore mayor blocks interpreter

Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young does not
like for deaf to know about protesters shouting
at him during his speech. When the interpreter
tried to interpret comments from these protesters
the mayor blocked it, and had it edited out of
the videos! Deaf community was in uproar; few
days later the mayor apologized and promised it
would not happen again. The mayor is saying it
is OK for hearing people to hear the protests
but the deaf cannot!


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