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DeafDigest – 22 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 22, 2020

— need to know more about Covid-19 updates

Deaf people know what is Covid-19. They also
know it is dangerous. They also know that
social distancing is required. They also
know that face masks is required. What
any of them may not know are these Covid-19
TV news updates! This is all the reason why
all public announcements must be captioned
and must be interpreted (without face masks)!
DeafDigest editor saw a face-masked interpreting
on TV and HATED it!


— only deaf person in a senior living center

A deaf woman lives in a senior living center;
she is the only deaf person there and the
staff do not know what to do with her. If
she is hungry and wants to bring in food,
she must call “By Phone Only”. Even though
she has smartphone and tries to use text,
this leads to worse hassles. No one was
willing to help her with her voice call
with a local supermarket. Fortunately,
after some time, a living center resident,
came around and made this food phone order
for her.


— Queen Elizabeth felt responsible for her deaf mother-in-law

Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip was notorious
for mocking people. He mocked a deaf group one time.
Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Greece,
was deaf. When Elizabeth and Philip married, the
bride made it a point to be sensitive to the needs
of her new mother-in-law. This came up during an
interview a newspaper had with Philip’s cousin,
Lady Pamela, 91 years old but with a sharp memory!


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