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DeafDigest – 20 April 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 20, 2020

this just in – a Gallaudet announcement

Carol J. Erting will step down as Gallaudet provost
at the end of June. Replacing him on a 2-year interim
basis is Jeffrey W. Lewis, who is deaf. Gallaudet will
embark on a search for a permanent provost.


— a small town deaf firefighter/first responder

Chad Grabousky, who is deaf, is a firefighter and
first responder in Linglestown, a small town
in central Pennsylvania. He uses ASL and was
praised by his peers as a well-trained firefighter.
Does he fight fires inside the buildings or provides
ground support for the inside firefighters? Do not


— many fast food places overlook one ADA issue

All big fast food chains know what ADA is all about,
and they employ full time ADA advisors, whose job
is compliance in order to avoid lawsuits. If a
fast food place has a menu on a customer-touchpad,
it is ADA-compliant, but if the menu is posted on
the wall, then it may not be ADA-compliant. Trying
to point at something on the wall could lead to
terrible sandwich-maker, deaf customer hassles!
The same goes for food-trucks with wall menus,
forcing short order cooks to poke their head
out of the side windows.


— the deaf and the mask

Do deaf people like the mask? They all basically
hate it. A deaf advocate said communications with
each other is missing a lot because of the mask.
Figuring out ASL signing tones, facial expressions
and facial reactions is just about impossible.
Will see-thru masks help? Stay tuned!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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