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DeafDigest – 19 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 19, 2020

— dedication to a legendary deaf person

DeafDigest dedicates this edition to
Donald A. Padden, a Gallaudet lifer that
departed us. He was pretty much a Gallaudet
legend (last surviving member of the 1943
Gallaudet Iron Men basketball team that won
the conference championship despite an overall
losing record; a basketball court named after
him; father of two well known deaf individuals
– Robert Padden and Carol Padden, a long time
professor of deafness at University of California,
San Diego; plus many other accomplishments too
numerous to mention. May you rest in peace, Donald,
as he joins his wife Agnes that departed us not
too many months ago!

to look at the group picture of the Gallaudet Iron Men:

Padden is the one with jersey #9


— deaf family on Nickelodeon’s The Crystal Maze

Those that watch the Nickelodeon’s The Crystal Maze
would await the episode on Feb. 21, 2020 at 7 PM.
The LeFors family of St Augustine, FL, both deaf and
hearing, will be on the program. It involves a lot
of activities through the obstacles. The winner could
get cash prize of $25,000. Father Eric is a well known
football and basketball coach at Florida School for
the Deaf and Blind; mother June Ann is the school’s
ASL specialist. Priscilla, one of the four daughters,
attends middle school classes at the school. What
is going to happen? Just watch the program!


— a piece of metal or a piece of junk

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred made a comment
that the World Series championship trophy is a
“piece of metal” – in reference to the Houston
baseball scandal. This is a painful memory
for DeafDigest editor. Years ago, way back in
1980, a deaf activist said that the TV decoder
was a piece of junk. To make a long story short,
there were no built-in captions for these TV
sets and one had to buy a decoder in order to
get captions. There were two rival captioning
devices; the deaf activist was pushing for one
device; the majority of the deaf in USA was
pushing for different device – both of which
provided captions. The deaf activist made that
“junk” comment which came back to haunt him!



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