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DeafDigest – 05 February 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 5, 2020

— state capitol building ignores ADA

There was a newspaper story about the North
Dakota capitol building not following the
ADA. There are no captions for the benefit
of deaf visitors and observers. A serious
ADA violation, it certainly is.


— Deaf Heroine vs Hearing Villain

There was a comic book story about The Marvel supervillain
Taskmaster never losing a battle with any and all
heroes – with one exception – the Echo, who is a deaf
heroine. Reason she wins is because her deafness has
helped her develop photographic reflexes. Fantasy?
Yes, but fun reading for those that love to see
the deaf win in comic book tales.


— active deaf students become issue for interpreters

If deaf students just go to class and go home, then
it is less of an issue with the interpreters. But
if deaf students are active with campus life (social
events, theatrical plays, club meetings, participation
in varsity and intramural sports, etc) then it becomes
an intepreting problem – due to limited numbers
of interpreters available. This was an issue
brought up in a campus newspaper at Fresno
State University.


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