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DeafDigest – 31 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 31, 2020

— deaf be visible or be invisible

Do deaf people want to be invisible or to be
visible? A supermarket, wishing to accommodate
deaf shoppers, has offered them special flags that
are attached to their shopping carts. That way,
when they need shopping assistance, help is
quickly on the way. DeafDigest suspects that many
deaf people prefer to stay invisible, and would
rather spend time looking for hard-to-find
products than to seek assistance!


— few words about the deaf

A deaf intern, with an agency that works with the
deaf and the disabled, was shocked. He read the
mission statement and agency reports. Very little
was mentioned about the deaf, whereas much attention
was focused on people of other disabiilities.
Politics among the disabled? Do not know – but
that intern vows to change things.


— Vermont tech wants to help the deaf-blind

Accessible Web, a tech company in Vermont, wants
to help the deaf-blind to use the web. The problem
is money and lots of it. For a just a basic web
site for the deaf-blind, cost is few thousand
dollars. But for a much better web site that will
do more for the deaf-blind, it will cost $10,000!
DeafDigest disappointed about the cost? Yes.



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