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DeafDigest – 29 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 29, 2020

— important thing with a deaf-blind dog

Filbert, who is a deaf-blind puppy, will be
one of the Super Bowl Day TV participants.
The Filbert’s trainer said that while the
puppy loves to play, as all puppies do,
the important thing is that he depends
on smell and touch. This means no moving
around of his toys on the floor – just leave
toys as is!


— 35 mile drive to watch an open captioned movie

A deaf person that loves to watch movies, complained
that for one open captioned movie, he had to drive
to a theater 35 miles away from his home. None of the
theaters in his hometown advertised the movie as
opened captioned whereas the distant theater did.
What about captioning glasses? No way, he said.


— must use telephone to appeal a parking ticket

Discrimination? Yes, in the case of a deaf person
that parked his car on a street while shopping.
His shopping took too long and when he came back,
his parking ticket was inserted in the car
windshield. He wanted to appeal the parking
ticket but was turned down for one reason –
he had to use the voice telephone, and for
him, it was impossible!


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