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DeafDigest – 28 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 28, 2020

— ballot question, easy or hard to read

Maryland State Sen. Cheryl C. Kagan has introduced
a bill to require language in a ballot question to
be on the 5th grade, not on the 6th grade level.
This bill was in reference to trying to help the
deaf understand these ballot questions. Interestingly
enough, one legislator said that for some hearing
with college education, some of these questions
are hard to read!


— a fact with a doctor or a joke?

There is a book, based on a true story – The Open Heart Club
by Gabriel Brownstein, who is not deaf. It is about the early
days of open heart surgery, an operation considered dangerous
and risky at that time. In one part of the book, it said:

a deaf, dyslexic pediatrician who listened to kids’ heartbeats
with her fingertips

A fact or a joke? The author said it is not a joke!


— bank says it is the first to serve the deaf

A deaf bank? JPMorgan Chase says it is, opening
a branch not too far from the Gallaudet campus.
Just hope it all works out. Deaf people that live
in the suburbs (Maryland and Virginia) likely
will not drive all the way just to bank at the
“deaf” bank – because there are many, many
JPMorgan Chase branches everywhere. And besides
DeafDigest has seen big improvements in
customer service when dealing with questions
and issues from the deaf. If JPMorgan Chase
will reach out to Gallaudet graduates and
offer them jobs at their branches, great!



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