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DeafDigest – 22 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 22, 2020

— actress Katie Leclerc and the deaf

Katie Leclerc has played deaf roles. She has said
she is not deaf but has a hearing loss. Not sure
what is this supposed to mean – deaf people are
basically broken down into four categories –
profoundly deaf, severely deaf, moderately deaf
and mildly deaf. Certainly she functions as a
hearing person, because she has also played
many, many hearing roles. Best to leave it at
that! One thing for sure – it is fun to watch
her perform in many different roles.


— ASL and these European sign languages

Royal Society Open Science published an article
written by linguists that say that the European
sign languages have roots, coming from five separate
sign languages – Austrian, Swedish, French,
Spanish and British. While Americans and the
British people share the same spoken and
written language, the ASL comes from French
Sign Language, not the British Sign Language.
British fingerspelling is two-handed; ASL
fingerspelling is one-handed.


— unrealistic TV plot about the late-deaf

The NCIS Season TV series has a plot about
a late-deafness character. Upon being deaf,
the character quickly became an expert
lipreader; the character fired a weapon,
unaware of the command telling to stop firing;
co-workers unaware of her deafness despite
red flags that went up all the time.
Discussed, though, during the program was
that other nations allow the deaf to serve
whereas the deaf in USA cannot serve.


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