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DeafDigest – 15 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 15, 2020

— Another city with automated captioning

DeafDigest was concerned that automated
captions may lead to bad captions,
and that Minneapolis, to save money,
went for automated captions. It is
now happening in Knoxville, Tennessee,
according to a deaf agency leader.


— cashier telling deaf customers to come to her lane

Heidi Courtway, who is deaf, is a check out cashier
at the Krogers supermarket in Arkansas. Several
deaf people shop at the store – and if she sees
them at other check out lanes, she will wave
at them and ask them to come to her lane. That way
they can communicate if there were check out problems
at her lane.


— notes or pen & pad

Which is better – to communicate with the hearing?
Using iPhone notes app or to use pad and pen?
A DeafDigest subscriber said he uses iPhone
notes at a fast food place, saying it is easy to
get the order through with no problems. DeafDigest
editor, a bit old fashioned, just uses his pad
and pen. Every deaf person has their personal
communication preference.



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