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DeafDigest – 13 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 13, 2020

— a long-time TTY mystery

Marjorie Hill Ashman departed us recently.
This name jogged the memories of DeafDigest
editor, who served as the TDI CEO between
1979 and 1983. At that time the TTY Model
15 was the king, but the TDI agents in
Philadelphia and South New Jersey were
complaining that she hoarded hundreds of
donated TTY machines in a warehouse. These
machines could have been reconditioned and
given to deaf users. She never made contact
with the TDI office nor with any of these deaf
TDI agents. Googling up her name revealed nothing
about these TTY machines, except to say that
she worked with CONTACT, an organization that
helped serve the TTY needs of the deaf. Once
a mystery, always a mystery!


— store employing over 30 deaf people

It was learned that Apple store in downtown
Washington, DC has over 30 deaf employees.
Great – or not so great? Great if they are
all full-time employees with these benefits
(health insurance, vacation time, pension
plans, etc). Not so great if they are
part-timers without these benefits.
Apple is one of the world’s biggest
and richest tech companies.


— a reason for movies having less voice talk

Ana Lily Amirpour is a film director and
screen writer. She uses a lot of action
and less on voice in her movies. The
reason is her hearing loss, wanting
the audience to rely on action to
tell the story.



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