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DeafDigest – 07 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 7, 2020

— immediately telling flight crew of American’s deafness

A deaf American passenger told one flight attendant
of his deafness. Just almost immediately, this
attendant told all other crew members about it.
As a result, the flight was pleasant as these
attendants communicated well with the American
passenger on his needs. And the flight movies had
English subtitles. Which American airline was
it? Nope – it was Air China!


— delivering a meal to the wrong address

Muhammad Nur Syahir, who is deaf, rides his
bicycle to deliver home meals for his
customers. He received a wrong address
on his text. The customer realized her
mistake and told the deaf deliveryman
to keep the food for himself and he will
still be paid for his delivery (to the
wrong address). He wanted his customers
to be happy, regardless of the wrong
address – so ignored the customer’s request
and delivered the meal at a longer distance.
It took place in Singapore not USA.



— analyzing a deaf truck driver lawsuit

A deaf driver was not hired for a truck driving
job. He filed a job discrimination lawsuit,
with the help of Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission. There were issues:

1. the driver got OK from Federal Motor Carrier Safety
2. the driver passed his school truck driving exams
3. the driver received his commercial license
4. the driver, while in school, sent a pre-application
to the company
5. the company pre-approved it
6. the company told driver to attend orientation program
7. the driver requested interpreter
8. the company asked how could the deaf drive trucks
9. the driver explained he checks all mirrors and
uses his eyes while driving
10. the company would not hire him
11. the driver asked the company why
12. the company would not respond
13. giving up, the driver applied with another company and was hired
14. ADA says employers cannot hire drivers that are direct threats
15. this lawsuit continues – back and forth fighting with both sides

Stay tuned.


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