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DeafDigest – 03 January 2020

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 3, 2020

— neutral people in the courtoom

There was a newspaper story about neutral people
in the courtroom. They are not part of the
court system or are connected to any of these
social service agencies. An example would be
a hearing person that knows ASL observing
sign language communications between
the interpreter(s) and the deaf plaintiffs
and deaf defendants. They observe to see if
sign language is fairly presented and not
biased or slanted either way. The judges
regard these neutral people as their friends.


— closed captioning is a goal for a small-business owner

Amanda Beals, not deaf, just opened her small storefront
clothing store in Ellsworth, Maine, selling clothing
perfect all of women’s sizes. She also wants to serve
deaf women and is planning to close caption her
clothing videos to accommodate them. This is great –
and how many small, tiny shops would do that?
Possibly almost none, but Amanda Beals is an


— interpreter serving on city council

Theresa Gadus, an interpreter, was appointed to
the Toledo City Council (Ohio). DeafDigest
has two questions for her. Will she:

interpret for the deaf while participating in
council discussions?

fight for rights and needs of the deaf – example,
Toledo city law on restaurant captions always turned

Just hope she will make Deaf Community happy.

note: first question is silly; interpreters cannot
interpret while getting emotionally involved in heated
council arguments. Still, for argument’s sake, will she?



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