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DeafDigest – 12 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 12, 2019

— See (Apple web TV series), including or not including the deaf

See is a Sci-Fi web TV series produced by Apple and shown
on Apple TV+. Apple said diversity is shown on that TV
series, but seems not too many deaf people are in it, except
for those in the background non-speaking, non-important roles.
Why not use the deaf in primary roles?


— Tacoma 100 percent captions

Tacoma, a major city in Washington, now requires
captions on TV sets shown in bars, restaurants and
other public facilities. Those that refuse to turn
on captions will be fined by the city. The city
council agreed on these rules just recently.
Next big city – which?


— many restaurants breaking or not breaking ADA rules

Many restaurants make their web sites deaf-friendly,
and therefore not breaking ADA rules? Yes, but in other
ways, waiters at these restaurants do not explain what
today’s specials are, not explaining which dishes are
spicy or not spicy, not asking if meat are to be rare
or medium or well done not even worse, not telling the
deaf that the dish they want are not available!



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