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DeafDigest – 09 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 9, 2019

— early-born hearing screening test is not always perfect

There was an article in the web site hosted by the
Infectious Diseases in Children. It said that failed
screens do not always show that the baby is deaf,
and even worse, babies that “pass” these tests
may still have hearing loss. The grandchild of
DeafDigest editor went through two or three
hearing tests just to make sure he is hearing!


— hearing actor listening to the deaf

Ryan Reynolds, not deaf, is an actor/model.
He was in a Peloton video that went viral.
A deaf woman was disappointed that the video
had no captions. Using the social media
she made contact with him – telling him that
his videos must be captioned. Just almost
immediately, it was captioned. Just like
that. Just that easy. Many hearing actors
do not, however, listen to the deaf! But
Reynolds did.


— a video showing a bullied deaf student

A group of high school students bullied a deaf student.
What they did not know was that the video went viral.
The school district, which does not tolerate bullying
is looking into this issue in order to decide on
the punishment of these hearing students.



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