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DeafDigest – 05 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 5, 2019

— crisis in education of the deaf in South Dakota

Splashed across many newspapers is the bad shape
education of the deaf is in South Dakota. This
is sad; the state closed up the main campus of
South Dakota School for the Deaf, instead,
farming it out to respective school districts.
Former governor Dennis Daugaard is a Coda;
was it in his past agenda to preserve the
campus of the deaf school? Apparently not.
Additionally, Communication Service for
the Deaf, the nation’s most visible agency
serving the deaf, moved to Austin from
past location in Sioux Falls. Could CSD
have saved the school, inasmuch as it was
located on the campus? Probably not, but
yet, it hurts.


— some customer service people freak out on relay calls

A comment caught DeafDigest editor’s attention – that
some customer service people either are not used or
do not know how to deal with VRS calls, thinking it
may be a scam or a fraud, and as a consequence,
hang up on these calls. Does not matter if
the VRS staff explain what these relay calls
are all about, they still get hung up on!


— Hope Valuable 500 is helping the deaf

There is a group – called Valuable 500. The
mission is to educate Fortune 500 corporations
to be sensitive to the needs of the deaf and
disabled. The Valuable 500 web site lists
such conglomerates as Barclays, Microsoft
and KPMG as their clients. Just hope that
these corporations will accommodate the
deaf much more than just captions and interpreters
(meaning employment and attitude adjustments).



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