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DeafDigest – 03 December 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 3, 2019

— Denver Broncos rejects the Deaf Voice

The Denver Broncos has established the
Disabled Access Advisory Committee to
advise the team on the needs of disabled
(and deaf) fans. This committee includes
City and County of Denver Commission for
People with Disabilities, Paralyzed Veterans
of America, Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition,
National Spinal Cord Injury Association,
and Craig Rehabilitation Hospital. Where
is the Deaf Voice on the committee? None!
Zero! Sad irony since Broncos hired a
full time interpreter to accompany
Kenny Walker when he played for them
for two seasons way back in the early


— deaf people creating their own sign languages

How did the deaf create their own sign language?
Linguists thought that when two deaf people, both not
knowing each other, would create a common language
with signs and gestures that both would understand.
Multiply that by groups of deaf people meeting
each other for the first time everywhere in the
world and we see these multiple, and different,
sign languages.


— serious VRI issues at a major DC hospital

George Washington University Hospital is a huge
and sprawling complex of buildings scattered
across the city. The hospital replaced live
interpreters with VRI. DeafDigest editor had
an appointment today with a doctor at that hospital.
The staff had a hard time locating the VRI
iPad that was needed, but finally found it.
The iPad was low on power and the staff could
not locate a charger. They found a charger but
it was the wrong one. Eventually the VRI iPad
went dead. The rattled doctor then cut short
the appointment. The interpreter, which was
great, was located in Houston, Texas and it
took quite a moment to understand these
sign language differences. Bottom line – does
DeafDigest editor like the VRI experience?
No. A live interpreter is always preferable.



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