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DeafDigest – 18 November 2019

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 18, 2019

— Netflix features Coda Prince’s mother

Prince Philip does not have a good reputation
for he is well known for his senseless joking
and wisecracking. But his mother Princess Alice
of Battenberg was deaf. She had her own personal
issues. Netflix will be showing the story in
Season 3 of The Crown. Keep in mind the mother
certainly knew no sign language, growing up
in Greece.


— emergency drills fail the deaf

New Jersey Transit recently had an emergency drill,
and asked for several deaf volunteers to participate.
They said New Jersey Transit failed the deaf in
these drills! As a result, the New Jersey Transit
is now trying to revise their drills to make sure
deaf people (volunteers) know what is going on.
This is not a surprise. The deaf know better, than
these hearing emergency people on what is the best
way to notify them.


— China finally frees a Coda

This past June, Guthrie McLean, a Coda, was visiting
his deaf mother, Jennifer McLean, who was a teacher
in China. The mother got into a fare argument with a
taxi driver and he roughed her up. The son rushed into
mother’s defense and injured him. The police authorities
in Zhengzhou arrested him and had him detained since then.
It took tense back and forth diplomatic negotiations
between the American embassy and the Chinese authorities
before he was just finally released and allowed
to go home.



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