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DeafDigest – 06 December 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 6, 2018


— broke the law for a good reason

Amy McMillan, a young deaf woman, was rejected
many times when applying for a job – because of
her deafness. She then broke the law – not
disclosing her deafness on the application form.
She was immediately hired. The law – in Northern
Ireland required all deaf applicants to disclose
their disability on the job forms!


— nursing home in hot water

The Atrium Post Acute Care of Wayne, a nursing
home in New Jersey is in trouble. A deaf social
worker used deaf relay service to discuss a matter
with the nursing home, and was repeatedly hung
up. For that reason, the State Attorney General
ordered the nursing home to pay monetary damages!


— the revenge satisfied the deaf person

Shane van Boening, who is deaf, is the world’s
#1 billiards player. He travels all over the world,
beating hearing billiards players in tournaments.
In a newspaper interview he revealed he was bullied
throughout his school years. They were mocking
him for his deafness. It was so bad that he refused
to attend his own high school graduation ceremony.
The revenge? Living in North Dakota, he drove to
a car wash to get his new and shiny car washed.
One of the car wash people was the same person
that bullied him. Said Shane:

He was the guy who picked on me when I was a little
kid. That is what he deserved. This is what I deserved.
Think what happened better for you.



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