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DeafDigest – 04 December 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 4, 2018


— sign language waiters, important or not important

There was a story about an owner of a small chain of
restaurants wanting to hire waiters that know
sign langauge. There is more to the restauarant
than sign language waiters. Is the restaurant
deaf-friendly? Are the menus easy to point and
show to the waiters? Is the restaurant lighting
bright enough for the deaf to communicate
with each other? Can the waiters solve
problems and issues with diners wanting
certain dishes? And most important of all,
is food good or bad?


— a dumb clerk

A couple went to the court to apply for
a marriage license. The man was from
New Mexico. The clerk thought New Mexico
was a country and asked him for his
passport! It took quite some time
for the clerk to understand that
New Mexico is a state not a country.
It sort of happened years ago at a
national organization serving the
deaf. The clerk thought Atlanta
was a state and not a city. The
deaf CEO fired her on the spot!


— interpreting incident during interview

A deaf man applied for a job and asked for an
interpreter. The company told him to bring his
own interpreter. He didn’t but the company
found someone that knew sign language. The
interview didn’t go well as the person
who knew sign langauge was not qualified
to do the interpreting. He felt that it
was the reason he didn’t get the job.
As a result he has filed a lawsuit.


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