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DeafDigest – 03 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 3, 2018


— first deaf dual-citizen hearing Olympics participant

More athletes become dual-dual citizens in order to participate
in the hearing Olympics. Outstanding deaf swimmer Matt Klotz
is a member of the Louisiana State University swimming team.
He was not able to make the USA team in the hearing Olympics
beause of too much competition for the limited available spots.
His father is a Hungarian, and for that reason, he may claim
dual-citizenship with Hungary in order to swim for that nation
in the 2020 Olympics. If he succeeds then he would be the
first deaf dual-citizen Olympian.


— job counselor giving the wrong message

A job counselor was quoted in a newspaper
story as saying:

we want employers to hire, keep and fire
the most deserving (deaf) person

Is the job counselor really telling the
employers that it is OK to fire a deaf



— reason employers don’t want deaf forklift operators

Deaf forklift operators operate the lifts just as good
and perhaps better than hearing forklift operators.
The big reason many employers won’t hire deaf forklift
operators is because they can’t hear the sirens that warn
them of dangers around them. Strobe lights will do
but it is a device many employers don’t know about!



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— deaf and the noisy highway

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