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DeafDigest – 18 September 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 18, 2018


— Deaf contestant on The Price is Right TV show

Caitlin Cunningham, who is deaf, will be participating
on The Price is Right TV show. DeafDigest is not sure
of the exact date but is told it may be on
October 19th.


— an app for world-wide deaf travelers

Many deaf people love to travel. Gabriel Schlieve
has come up with an app – The Rebel Traveler’s
Guide. He said this app is good for the deaf
and disabled travelers.


— be careful when wearing a hearing aid in the woods

A deaf woman lost her hearing aid while walking through
the woods. A low flying bird swooped over her and pulled
the hearing aid from her ear and flew away. This deaf
woman is very upset about losing an expensive hearing aid!




Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— Deaf President Now was not deaf people’s first mass protest

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