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DeafDigest – 10 September 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 10, 2018

— a lost hearing aid

A mainstreamed football player lost his hearing
aid during a game last week. Play was stopped
as players from both teams plus volunteer
fans looked on the field for the missing
hearing aid. It could not be found. The
referees then switched the end zones so
that the players would play in the opposite
direction, to avoid accidentally step on
the hearing aid. Fortunately, during half time the
lost hearing aid was found! It took place
in Massachusetts. A picture is at:


— a stolen road sign

Someone in Gregg Township (Pennsylvania) stole
a street sign. It was “Hearing Impaired Child” sign.
The police is not too happy about it and is
investigating the theft.


— maybe hearing pilots need deaf devices

A deaf device is a flashing signaler. Well,
there was a story in the “The Conversation,”
which is an on-line media. It said that
pilots often don’t hear alarms while
flying their airplanes! DeafDigest wonders
why not install flashing signalers for



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— more SSDI facts

09/09/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at: