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DeafDigest – 06 September 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 6, 2018


— two things wrong with a new movie

Hollywood is coming up with a new movie –
El Tonto. Two things wrong! A hearing actor
is playing a fake-deaf role. And a press
release described the fake-deaf character
as idiot deaf mute! Despite efforts by
the deaf and disabled advocacy groups,
Hollywood continues to call us “deaf mute”
and to cast fake-deaf actors. A picture is at:


— deaf-whistle for the deaf

Is there such a thing as deaf-whistle
for the deaf? An inventor came up with
a special whistle that would transmit
whistle sounds to deaf people’s CI,
alerting them to the whistle signal.


— treating the deaf worse than treating hearing

There was a story saying that Customer Service
people are terrible. They treat hearing customers
terrible. Is it possible that they treat deaf
customers even worse? Customer service reps, with
bad attitude, may give relay service interpreters
hard time (hanging up on them or refusing to
help deaf clients, etc), or not being too
helpful on chat lines. When big companies
are hiring people, no one wants to work in
Customer Service unless they are not able
to get jobs elsewhere.



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— the Goya irony

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