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DeafDigest – 22 August 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 22, 2018


— Famous chef hires deaf to operate hot dog/sandwich stand

Adam Perry Lang is a well-known chef in Los Angeles
with his popular restaurants. He just opened up a
small hot dog/sandwich stand. To operate that place,
he has hired Zia Hughes, who is deaf. Zia works with
another person, who knows sign language. Just the two
of them that handle long lines of tourists and nearby
workers on lunch breaks. A picture is at:



— 2003 vs 2018; things the same or things better

In 2003, a hearing daughter of two deaf parents
visited Brown University (Ivy League school in
Rhode Island) as she was considering enrollment.
The group was walking on the campus, communicating
with each other in ASL. A group of hearing students
(or were they also campus visitors) saw the
ASL-signing group, and quickly avoided them, by
walking on the grass, far away from the sidewalk.
The deaf father said the sidewalk was wide enough
to accommodate both groups passing each other.
Did these hearing students think deafness is a
disease they could get sick from? Things better
in 2018?


— 22 states fighting FCC on net neutrality rules

22 states, plus DC, have asked the federal appeals court
to force FCC to take back the net neutrality rules
that they threw out recently. For the deaf, net
neutrality means fast internet speed for everyone,
not just the rich, and also to keep monthly rates
down – instead of going up higher and higher.
Will federal appeals court listen? Hard to say.




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