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DeafDigest – 13 August 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 13, 2018


— A deaf attorney hides two things

A deaf woman is an attorney. She is able to
function very well with her hearing aid
1n one ear and a CI in another ear. She
said discrimination against the deaf in
the legal profession is strong. As a result
she hides both devices in the courtroom.
A picture is at:



— Taxi company hires deaf drivers

A taxi company in Seoul is now hiring deaf
drivers. Communication between hearing passengers
and deaf taxi drivers was made possible because
of a smartphone app. The Seoul Metropolitan
Government has given approval for the deaf
to become taxi drivers. Uber? No. Lyft? No.
Just regular taxi cabs.


— no respect by the deaf young generation

An agency serving the deaf had a library
of great books about the deaf and of
deafness. It was a resource that served
deaf researchers in the local area. The
agency moved from one location to another
location. Much of these books were trashed.
It was the deaf leaders of the young
generation that decided to do the trashing.
A sad shame!



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