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DeafDigest – 25 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 25, 2018


— a deaf woman with a big dream

Julia Velasquez, who is deaf, has a big dream.
She wants to be the first deaf astronaut.
To accomplish this dream, she has interned at
NASA, earned her private pilot’s license and
and lived in a simulated Mars habitat. Keep
in mind a group of deaf people went through
the NASA zero gravity tests during the late
fifties and early sixties and was said to
perform better than hearing people! A
picture is at:



— rapid transit (subway) accessibility chief’s goal

Alex Elegudin, not deaf, but disabled, is the new
new accessibility chief of the New York City
subway and bus system. He has a goal – to help
the deaf and the disabled with their accessibility
needs. For the deaf, it means visual displays
everywhere with warnings and announcements of
schedules and changes. He was interviewed in
a newspaper story. Not sure if other city
rapid transit systems have their own accessibility


— perfect communication with horses

The Greater New Orleans Therapeutic Riding Center takes
care of disabled and abused horses. Joseph Lockwood,
who is deaf, is the best at the center when it
comes to communicating with the horses. He uses
body language, gestures and soft voices that
these horses appreciate.



Deaf jobs – latest update

— deaf optometrist

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