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DeafDigest – 06 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 6, 2018


— interpreter shows up only to tell deaf employee of being fired

A deaf woman workd for Costco for much of her adult life. She had
excellent work record with a different supervisor. The new
supervisor didn’t like her and had her fired. The cruel irony
was that when she asked for an interpreter for staff meetings
and training sessions, Costo refused. Yet, Costco hired an
interpreter just to tell her she was being fired. She sued
and won. Costco didn’t say if they will file an appeal.
A picture is at:


— loving a deaf puppy but not wanting to adopt

A deaf puppy fell down a 50-foot hole in Alabama.
It took firefighters 30 hours to get the puppy
out. Everyone fell in love with the deaf puppy
and cheered when it was rescued – yet no one
was willing to adopt this puppy! Go figure.


— big challenge to interpret press conferences

An interpreter said press conferences are a big
challenge. The interpreter must sign and use
body language in a way that it reflects on the
speaker but without making it too obvious. And
when there are questions and comments from the
audience, the intepreter must clearly identify
who is saying this or that!



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