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DeafDigest – 05 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 5, 2018


— written notes during an operation

The deaf woman had an operation in a Chinese hospital.
Dr. Wang Chun, part of the operating team, wanted
to make sure there were no communication problem
with her. He wrote notes to help her relax,
and to feel comfortable, and to know if she
was having pain, etc. For that reason, the
doctor became “famous” on the social media.
Why no interpreters? China does not have
ADA laws that USA has. A picture is at:



— wandering deaf child reunited with family 43 years later

Mika Cheesman, age 4, and deaf, wandered away from her mother
at the Penn Station in New York in 1975. The mother never
found her. Two years later, she was put up for adoption
In 1999, she began a search for her birth family. Last year
the search became a success, helped by a private investigator
several ancestral web site and DNA samples. She learned
that her mother, still alive, had personal issues and was
never the same since the day in 1975. That was the reason
she never tried to locate her child.


— nearly 15 Arizona assisted-living homes in trouble

A federal lawsuit filed by the Southwest Fair Housing
Council have accused at least 15 Arizona assisted-living
homes of discriminating against deaf senior citizens
when they wanted to apply for residence. It took the
work of “undercover” people, asking questions regarding
interpreters, and assistane with detailed paperwork
and undestanding medical needs. These homes just
did not want to hire interpreters or to make
accommidations. These homes are located in
Phoenix and Tucson.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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— engineering marvels helping the deaf

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