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DeafDigest – 28 June 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 28, 2018

— Deaf could have been involved in World Cup

Is World Cup involving the deaf in any way?
Probably not unless African soccer balls
are being used. There is only one soccer balls
manufacturer in Africa, and it is in Zambia.
That factory has 150 employees and 60 of
them are deaf! A picture is at:


— Alaska State Troopers TV program

Alaska State Troopers is a TV program.
Three episodes were of interest to the
deaf. Car with stuck horn, owned by a
hearing man; police warning of a K-9
dog; police warning of being tasered.
The deaf cannot hear all of them.
And Alaska, being a huge state, only
has few interpreters.


— legal to throw a person out of restaurant

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, of the White House
staff, was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant
in Lexington, VA. People involved with the law
said it is legal to kick her out because of her
political views. Well, what if a deaf person owns
a restaurant, and another deaf person comes
in, he can be legally kicked out, if both of
them have political views opposite of each
other (ASL vs oral; CI vs no-CI; Deaf
Culture vs anti-Deaf Culture, and so on).



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